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Wed, 29 May 1996

The ODE TO THE FLAG was written on July 4,1970 for the dedication of the Riverdale postal facility in Riverdale, Maryland. It was a time when the Flag was being burned and of protesting all across the United States. This poem has been in the Congressional Record several times and in many newspapers, magazines and books. It a least one school, in Bowie, Maryland, it is a requirement to memorize it . It has been used in hundreds of ceremonies including several at the White House, in public schools, at dedications, Flag presentations, and Flag Day services..also patriotic events such as Viet Nam and Desert Storm rallies . Most recently and locally it has been read and sung on two TV shows and at the dedication of our own new Veterans' Monument at Shenandoah Memorial Cemetery. Joan Rivers read it on her show during Desert Storm, (I heard this from others but did not see it myself.) I do know that the ODE hangs on thousands of walls all over the world.

I have letters from dignitaries and celebrities including, Bob Hope, Carol Burnette, Red Skelton, Johnny Cash,. .also several Senators , Congressmen, Governors, Mayors...etc.. I have received many letters from the White House signed by assistants, aides and secretarys, but June 14,1995, I received a letter from our President, Bill Clinton. Also this November, my friend, Joanne Cruz, sent the ODE to and we received letters from West Virginia Governor, Gaston Caperton and the West Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles Commissioner, Jane l. Cline. I really appreciate it when someone else takes an interest in the ODE and helps me get it out there.

I worked at the Bowie Post Office when I was asked to write the ODE for the dedication. I met Alan Trout at a rally here in Winchester at the Court House. We put our talents together and now write many songs together. We also are partners in the ATM Music Publishing Company. We have worked together on two albums completed and two in the works. We went to Nashville this past March to see and meet with a few record companies and producers . Alan and his wife and 5 children have moved to Nashville in August 1995. Alan is currently appearing as the featured performer at a club in Nashville called the San Antonio Lounge on music row. There is a television show in the works where Alan will be the star and host of the show. More on this soon I hope.

I am originally from Romney, West Virginia. And presently live in Winchester, Virginia. The ode is available on cassette and also a music video. Alan also has a fan club which is currently based in Virginia.

You may contact me at
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